Rotary Club of McMinnville Sunrise Photo Gallery

2017.10 Airport Park
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Clean up of the beloved park
2018.11.21 Friends of the Yamhelas Westsi
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Very interesting session this morning with Wayne Wiebke of Friends of the Yamhelas Westsider Trail.
2018.08.08 Denise Roast
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We roasted our past president with hoards of cooking supplies!
2018.08.01 Delphian School
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We learned about the Delphian School and all the changes they are making to their education system
2018.05.16 Galen McBee
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Galen McBee, founder of Airport Park
2017.10.24 PETRA
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Kate Gowell inducted and PETRA Peacebuilders presented.
2018.02 Airport Park
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Airport park cleanup.
2018.08 Kyle Johnson Bio
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Kyle Johnson Bio and Linfield Basketball Coach
2018.09 OMI Presentation
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Matt Kulangara - CIO/Vice President of Infomation and Technology - Mutual of Oregon
2018.09 Linfield Basketball
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Sunrise Guest Speaker Shanan Rosenberg Linfield Basketball Coach
2018.06.20 Changing of the Guard
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Denise Murphy steps down as president and John Martinez is up
2018.09.28 Airport Presentation
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Rich Spofford - Engineering Services - McMinnville Municipal Airport
2018.10.03 Linfield College New President Miles Davis
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Miles Davis presented to the club on the future of Linfield College
2017.09.13 Dotty Holt
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2019.03.21 Chehalem Cultural Center
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Sean Andries spoke with us about the Chehalem Cultural Center and the magic it's doing in Yamhill County. Janet wore exceptional shoes.
2018.03.21 Recology Presentation
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Recology Presentation
2017.11.29 Speed Rotary
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Speed Rotary
2017.12.20 Christmas Party!
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Annual Christmas Party and White Elephant gift exchange
2018.03.07 Club Meeting
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Bitcoin with Kevin Chambers
2018.04.25 Hilda Pereyo
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Hilda Pereyo and Puerto Rico
2018.03.14 Twist Salon
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Twist Salon Presentation
2018.03.21 Recology
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Recology on recycling changes from China
2018.04.18 See the Heart
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See the Heart of MV Advancements
2017.09.06 Chemeketa
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Nancy Duncan Presentation
2017.08.23 Ken Moore
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Ken Moore's around the country roadtrip
2017.08 Tom Vail - 40 years in Rotary
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Perfect Attendance!
2017.08.09 Linfield Sports Presentation
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Garry Kilgore of Linfield
2017.07.19 John Martinez
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Gives a talk on Physical Therapy
2017.05.17 Chris Kemp - Department of Energy
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Program on the Hanford Plutonium Site
2017.05.13 Painting the Relief Nursery Phase 2
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The second round of painting to finish up the April service project at 1st Baptist Church.
2017.05.10 Lawrence Gallery
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Owner Signe Lawrence and Gallery Director Janine Bainter presented on the Lawrence Gallery and some of the amazing artwork that comes through their doors.
2017.05.03 Avery's Birthday Party
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Avery turns 1 year old and Tom Vail gives an informational talk on Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand
2017.04.29 Painting the Relief Nursery
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Rotary service day helping paint the inside of our local relief nursery.
2017.03.30 Rotary Social
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The Willamette Valley Cancer Foundation hosted an after hours informational on how they help cancer patients survive tough times.
Bocce Ball
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Flyer 2017
Peace Village
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August 2017 Peace Village Day Camp for grades 3-8.
Club Leaders